Burning Man canceled for 2021, plans continue for 2022 (2023)

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Burning Man 2021 Canceled

ByLas Vegas Review-Journal/Las Vegas Review-Journal

April 27, 2021 - 11:53 am

Burning Man canceled for 2021, plans continue for 2022 (1)

(Video) Burning Man is CANCELED (we went anyways...)

The Burning Man effigy, modeled after the Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man, stands above the playa during Burning Man at the Black Rock Desert north of Reno, Aug. 31, 2016. (Chase Stevens/Las Vegas Review-Journal) @csstevensphoto

Burning Man organizers have announced the festival will not be held in 2021 due to uncertainties around the pandemic.

Burning Man CEO Marian Goodell made the announcement in a livestream Tuesday morning that later was posted on social media.

The statement from the Burning Man Instagram page is shown below:

“The past 14 months have been a turbulent journey of evolution and change for every human on this planet. We have had to adapt to the twists and turns of a global crisis, complex public health information, and the growing hope that we can start rebuilding our lives together soon. Although here in the United States we may be feeling the weight lifting and the light at the end of the tunnel brightening, we are still in the pandemic, and the uncertainties that need to be resolved are impossible to do so in the time we have.

“We have decided to set our sights on Black Rock City 2022. We have the time now to imagine what we can bring to BRC 2022 that will really make a difference. What would it look like if Burning Man culture shaped the future? How do you want to bring the best of what you have to give to the next gathering in the desert? How can you get involved around the world RIGHT NOW? ”


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(Video) Burning Man cancels 2021 event in Nevada desert

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(Video) Burning Man 2021 🔥 PLAN B Preparation, Updates and Survival Tips for Black Rock Desert Playa

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Burning Man canceled for 2021, plans continue for 2022? ›

Burning Man, the annual countercultural arts event that typically draws tens of thousands of people to Nevada's Black Rock Desert

Black Rock Desert
The Black Rock Desert is a semi-arid region (in the Great Basin shrub steppe eco-region) of lava beds and playa, or alkali flats, situated in the Black Rock Desert–High Rock Canyon Emigrant Trails National Conservation Area, a silt playa 100 miles (160 km) north of Reno, Nevada that encompasses more than 300,000 acres ...
https://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Black_Rock_Desert
, has been canceled again this year because of the pandemic, but will return in 2022, organizers announced on Tuesday.

Why was Burning Man cancelled? ›

Burning Man organizers announced on Tuesday they are canceling this summer's annual counter-culture festival in the Nevada desert for the second year in a row because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Is Burning Man smaller this year? ›

In 2020 and 2021, Burning Man went virtual as Covid-19 went viral. The installations were still constructed and burnt, but many watched the flames through different multiverses in 2020. In 2021, there was a smaller unofficial Burning Man. But in 2022 it was back in full swing.

Did Burning Man 2021 happen? ›

What is the event of 80000 participants that converges in Black Rock City NV and has integrated inclusive accessible tourism into its structure? ›

Did you know there's a functioning 'post office' at Burning Man? – Black Rock City in Northern Nevada becomes a temporary city of 80,000 people during Burning Man, and one of the elements that make it an actual city is the post office.

What is banned at Burning Man? ›

Personal Transportation Vehicles NOT Allowed

Larger stand-up scooters, fat tire scooters, gas-powered bicycles, powered quadricycles, ATVS, mopeds and motorcycles are not allowed inside the Burning Man event. Below is a list of vehicle types that you are permitted to drive in Black Rock City.

Why is Burning Man so expensive? ›

It also takes a lot of equipment and hours of labor to put things together out there. Each year we see increases in the costs of our permits, logistics, and operations. Our costs are also increasing because we're making serious investments in expanding our impact around the globe.

Which celebrities have gone to Burning Man? ›

Some of the celebs in attendance in 2022 included Karlie Kloss, Kaia Gerber, Heidi Klum, Adrian Grenier, Australia Next Top Model winner Tahnee Atkinson, Paris Hilton, Diplo, and more! Here are some of our favorite celeb-shots from Burning Man 2022.

Did Burning Man end? ›

Burning Man Festival came to a close on Monday, Sept. 5, after nine days in the Nevada desert.

Do people still go to Burning Man? ›

While the past two years officially have been canceled, people still showed up in the thousands at the Black Rock Desert in 2020 and 2021. An estimated 20,000 people assembled this summer over the week preceding Labor Day, typically Burn week, according to previous reports.

Are there bugs at Burning Man? ›

These insects are also attracted to light, which is bad news for a festival that is famous for its amazing light displays. The second is a smaller bug that appears in swarms. According to the Burning Man blog, "if you pick up some wood, you're likely to uncover hundreds or thousands of the things."

Where is Burning Man 2023? ›

How much does Burning Man tickets cost? ›

Approximately 4,000 tickets available, 1,000 at $2,750 each, and 3,000 at $1,500 plus applicable fees and taxes. You may purchase up to two (2) tickets total and one (1) vehicle pass per order. All items and orders purchased through this sale are subject to the taxes and fees listed below.

What is the average age at Burning Man? ›

* The median age of Burners is 33-34 years old. * 1 percent of Burners are 70 years old, or older.

How many people usually go to Burning Man? ›

The event attracts about 80,000 people each year to the Black Rock Desert, about two hours north of Reno.

How long do most people stay at Burning Man? ›

Burning Man is an incredibly popular festival that takes place every year during the week before Labor Day. Most people arrive mid-week to partake in the massive naked desert party and stay through the weekend as “The Man” burns on Saturday and “The Temple” burns on Sunday.

Are there drugs at Burning Man? ›

Drugs are “technically illegal,” but are easier to find than Halloween candy on October 31. Nonetheless, the writer of the Times piece says that his week at Burning Man was one of the best experiences of his life. However, a writer for Mashable angrily refutes the claim that drugs are widespread at Burning Man.

Can you be sober at Burning Man? ›

But Burning Man, she said, can be just as fun without drink or drugs. “You can have your own experience here,” she said from the pillow-covered floor of the Run Free Camp, a longtime clean and sober camp, her hair in dreadlocks of varying shades of purple. “And it doesn't need to be a party.”

Are feathers allowed at Burning Man? ›

SAN FRANCISCO — Glitter is a no-no. Sequins are frowned upon. Feathers were verboten, though they have still infiltrated in trims and turbans, to gnashing controversy. The rules for costumes at the Burning Man festival, which began on Sunday in the scorching desert of northern Nevada, are complex.

Is clothing optional at Burning Man? ›

Remember: At Burning Man, shirts are optional.

How do you shower at Burning Man? ›

Oh yeah, and there are no showers in Burning Man, only communal toilets to use. If you need to shower, rent an RV but trust me, you'll be covered in dust again in minutes.

Is everything free at Burning Man? ›

Burning Man is a free community inside — instead of booking entertainment, it encourages participants to perform for the community free of charge. It also doesn't sell goods. But the cost of attending Burning Man can come to thousands of dollars between tickets, transportation, accommodations, supplies, and costumes.

Where do rich people stay at Burning Man? ›

Billionaire burners don't erect their own tents like other attendees, they simply check in at so-called "fancy camps." Some "fancy camps" have communal areas with furniture, chandeliers, and working ceramic foundations, Insider's Aly Weisman previously reported.

Is Burning Man like Woodstock? ›

The fiftieth anniversary of the three-day Woodstock Festival in August 1969 coincided almost the same week with the phenomenon known as Burning Man which is a regular festival that takes place each year in August since a sculpture of a wooden man was set on fire with a pang of love on a beach in San Francisco seventeen ...

Who runs Burning Man now? ›

As Burning Man's CEO, Marian oversees the organization's year-round staff of 120+ employees and its annual operating budget of approximately $50 million. An original co-founder of the Burning Man organization, Marian has been leading the growth and development of Burning Man since 1997.

What's the purpose of Burning Man? ›

Burning Man is an annual event in Nevada's Black Rock Desert, where people gather for around nine days to celebrate artistic self-expression and the building of a community intended to be temporarily self-sufficient. It's popularly thought of as a surreal counterculture party in the desert.

Is it hard to get Burning Man tickets? ›

Tickets to Burning Man can be hard to come by. To prevent scalpers, Burning Man organization has created a system that gets tickets in the hands of real burners. However, this system is a little complex. My first burn was the last year the festival didn't sell out.

How fast does Burning Man sell out? ›

Tickets for the radical self-expression and art festival, Burning Man, were sold out in just 29 minutes after the main sale went live on March 30. The event is slated to take place from August 28 to September 5, 2022, in the Black Rock Desert, about two hours north of Reno.

Do police go to Burning Man? ›

Black Rock City and the roads leading to and from the event are patrolled by the following agencies: Pershing County Sheriff's Office (PCSO)

Is Burning Man kid friendly? ›


Children of all ages are welcome, however anybody under 18 years of age must be accom- panied by a ticketed parent or legal guardian. Children 12 and under are admitted for free but require a no-cost “Kid's Ticket” (visit http://tickets. burningman.org for information).

Do people sleep at Burning Man? ›

Theme Camps are organized groups who come together to provide services, entertainment, art, and other creative interactive experiences for everyone at Burning Man. This interactivity can be truly anything! It's also the home where camp members sleep, eat, and take care of their needs while living in the desert.

What is the dust at Burning Man? ›

PLAYA FOOT is a malady unique to the Black Rock Desert caused by the alkali dust that makes up the desert. It is, in essence, a chemical burn.

Do you need bug spray at Burning Man? ›

Bug Spray All Day

Those behind the festival have since assured everyone that the bugs are gone, but it's still not a bad idea to bring along some repellant (this DEET-free, industrial-strength stuff will do) and spray yourself down every few hours. Just to keep anything that might be lingering at bay.

Is Burning Man worth it? ›

Burning Man is a crazy, weird, amazing, horrifying experience and most definitely worth seeing at least once in your life. Definitely GO, but if it's your first time at Burning Man do it right! It's magical!

How much does it cost to go to Burning Man 2023? ›

How much will tickets cost for Burning Man 2023? Tickets sold during the Stewards Sale, Main Sale and OMG Sale are $575 each, while parking passes are $150 each. That's a bit of a jump from last year, when Stewards Sale tickets were $475.

What city is Burning Man closest to? ›

Reno is the closest major city, and Burners can take one of two routes to Black Rock City.

How much is food at Burning Man? ›

An easy way to calculate how much each person should pay is to charge each person $10 for food per day. This should also cover water and supplies.

Can you go to Burning Man for one day? ›

To experience Black Rock City, you will want to become part of the community. Therefore, there are no day passes sold, and no discounts given based on your length of stay. Of course, it is not necessary that you come for the entire week.

How much is ice at Burning Man? ›

Ice Sales. Ice is sold at Arctica in Center Camp, and in the 3:00+G and 9:00+G plazas on G. During the event, Monday to Saturday hours are 9 am to 6 pm, Sunday noon to 6 pm and Exodus Monday in Center Camp only from 9 am to noon. Ice is available crushed for $10 a bag (16 pounds) or blocks for $5 bag (7 pounds).

What happened to Burning Man festival? ›

Founders Larry Harvey and Jerry James created an event centered on the burning of a human-shaped sculpture. During the 1990s, Burning Man exploded in popularity and was moved to the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, where it remains.

What actually happens at Burning Man? ›

They cook, dance, sing, drink, make art and celebrate life in general. Other activities are going around in different corners, like wine tasting, massages, zip lining, and tattoos, all open for anyone without any cost. According to reports, many people even get married at The Burning Man festival.

Why do they burn a man at Burning Man? ›

Now it symbolises the principles that emerged- especially radical self-expression, radical self-reliance, communal effort, and immediacy. But the point of the man himself is that there is no one official interpretation of what it means to burn him. That is, it is personal for each person.

What is the average age of a Burning Man? ›

* The median age of Burners is 33-34 years old. * 1 percent of Burners are 70 years old, or older. * 58 percent of Burners are women. * 83 percent of Burners are white.

Are people sober at Burning Man? ›

Not everyone who attends Burning Man sober is a recovering addict. Not only recovering addicts stay in the sober camps. Everyone from police officers to parents with children join them, not because they don't drink or do drugs in their everyday lives, but because they want a drug-free space at the festival.

Do people shower at Burning Man? ›

Oh yeah, and there are no showers in Burning Man, only communal toilets to use.

Are there bathrooms at Burning Man? ›

For your convenience and sheer relief, there are a plethora of porta-potties distributed throughout Black Rock City. They can be found on radial streets, off the 2:00 and 10:00 arms, and out in the open playa.

How do people survive at Burning Man? ›

Come equipped with goggles and a dust mask or bandana, and keep them on you at all times. Dust storms often create whiteout conditions, so don't attempt to drive, and if you are out on the playa and can't see any landmarks, stay put so you don't get lost.

Who cleans up Burning Man? ›

Each year in an atmosphere of awe and respect, the Department of Public Works (DPW) revisits the vacuum of the Nevada high desert with a circus train of a city locked and loaded into the chambers ready to be shot onto the playa.

Does everyone dress up at Burning Man? ›

You can literally wear anything –or nothing at all– to Burning Man. Which is probably why planning your clothes for the Burn can be overwhelming. Especially if you've googled “Burning Man Fashion” only to find hundreds of images of models in elaborate costumes or in clothes too revealing to feel comfortable in.


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